• Top 10 Education Tools for Today's Students


    Because we know there's so much going on in a student’s life, we have decided to help you with your back to school shopping. Instead of spending more time figuring out what to purchase for the upcoming school year, see if this list of the top 10 best education tools available for today’s student can give you some ideas. These learning tools are designed to help you have more effective study sessions so you can spend less time in the library and more time enjoying college life. So here they are: the best education tools for today’s tech-savvy student.


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    1. Tablet
    iPad 2

    If you don't believe that this is the best education tool for learning, we hope you deem it close to the best. The iPad 2 has a number of excellent features and tools that set it apart from other learning tools. To begin with, there are countless apps that you or your student can download to assist with learning and gaining an understanding of various subjects and topics. With the iPad you can download a Kindle app which then allows you to purchase and view electronic versions of your textbooks. This makes it easier to take textbooks from place to place and creates more opportunities for you or your student to study.



    2. Home Office Software
    Microsoft Office

    One of the best education tools you can purchase is home office software. Microsoft Office is commonly regarded to be the best home office software and is our recommended choice for students everywhere. Microsoft Office offers an excellent word processing program that comes equipped with a spelling and grammar check. You can create and edit papers in multiple languages and you can create a resume and cover letter from one of the templates that the application offers. In addition to the word processing program Microsoft Office offers other education tools in their Excel spreadsheets, Outlook email and PowerPoint presentation programs. If you have a computer and haven’t already purchased and installed Microsoft Office, we suggest you do that now.



    3. Learn Spanish Software
    Tell Me More Spanish

    There are a number of different language software products that can help you learn a second language easier and faster. Whether you are taking a foreign language class in high school or in college, foreign language software like Tell Me More Spanish makes it easier for you to learn the words and their meanings as well as understanding the pronunciation and how to correctly speak in the language.

    Tell Me More Spanish excels in learning assistance and makes it possible for you to learn at your own pace and keep track of your personal progress. Some of the assisted learning tools include images, videos, audio files, speech recognition/recording, word recognition activities, culture lessons, games, online chats and even online tests. It's like having a personal tutor within the walls of your very own home. When you study a language, study smarter and use one of today's top education tools: Tell Me More Spanish.



    4. Graphing Calculator
    TI 84 Plus

    At some point in every student's education you will want a graphing calculator. Many teachers are now requiring their students to have a graphing calculator for certain lessons and classes. We determined that a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is one of the top 10 best education tools for today's students because without it, some math equations would feel impossible to many students. But with the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator those problems become possible. This particular graphing calculator is a must-have tool that will assist you with algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, statistics, finance and physics classes. If you are now seriously considering a graphing calculator, which you should, know that the TI-84 model is the most widely accepted graphing calculator available.



    5. Geometry Software Review
    Math Success

    Not a math whiz? We know exactly what that's like. Instead of falling behind, make your studies more worthwhile and effective with geometry software. Geometry software like Math Success can be a great learning tool for students who struggle with math terms, theories, equations and formulas. Math Success Deluxe has a number of different math specialties, and while geometry is covered, it's only one part of the application. The application will assist students through a number of courses and ensures that you are learning the important mathematical lessons as you go. What we really appreciate about this application is its ability to teach complex concepts simply and how it allows students to move at their own pace. It provides challenging quizzes which are helpful and will prepare you for the tests that you will take in school. As one of the best learning tools available, we recommend Math Success as a must-have for students this school year.



    6. Writing Enhancement Software

    For those students who don't feel completely confident with their writing skills, or for those who just want to improve their writing, we have found an excellent educational tool for you. Writing enhancement software has made its way onto the market and has several options to offer. The best we found is WhiteSmoke. Writing enhancement software like WhiteSmoke not only ensures that your writing has the proper spellings of even the confusing words, it also analyzes the content and meaning of your writing. Through analyzing the content you can also trust that the advanced grammar check will work properly in assisting you to create a better paper with fewer errors. While you still need to come up with the content, WhiteSmoke is one of the best writing enhancement software choices we found and is an excellent learning tool for students today.



    7. Online Tutoring Services

    As a student, you are busy with classes, extracurricular activities, a job, family life, social activities and several other things that may be on your table. This is why it's important to make the most of your study time. What better way than with an online tutoring service? With online tutoring services like HomeworkHelp.com you will have a qualified tutor that has been screened and tested to provide a high level of help. With an online tutor you don't have to worry about your house being spotless or keeping your roommates out while you are studying; you don't even have to worry about missing social events because you can schedule the meetings around your life and your activities. Some of the online tutoring services that are available even have tutors available 24/7. What a great benefit for those late-night cram sessions. We have chosen HomeworkHelp.com as one of the best education tools available because it is effective in making the most out of your study time and gives you one-on-one help to answer your questions and prepare you for tests.



    8. Study Guide Services

    When you think of a study guide service, what comes to your mind? Have you ever thought that study guide services could be a learning tool for classes like accounting, marketing, languages, math, social sciences, computer science, physical science and test prep? Study guide services like Cramster.com cover all these subjects and then some. Cramster.com offers a number of tools that are designed to help you learn and retain new concepts. Its excellence as a learning tool is evident in the peer-to-peer tutoring, practice questions and group chat rooms that are available on their site. If you want additional help in school, study guide services are a great way to get started.



    9. Educational Science Softwarehttp://store.hermanstreet.com/high-school/high-school-success-deluxe-2010/?&ICID=pin-high%20school%20success%20deluxe%202011-05-19%20Article
    High School Success Deluxe

    High school and college students alike will appreciate the learning tools and benefits of educational science software. Similar to applications that focus on math tutoring or writing enhancement, educational science software covers a variety of different sciences including biology, chemistry and physics. Applications like High School Success Deluxe assist you in learning through text, audio, video, animation, charts and diagrams, graded quizzes and tests, and a personal progress report. We love the fact that you can learn at your own pace and in a variety of ways so that you can find the style that fits your learning style best. High School Success Deluxe is more than just education science software; it actually offers information on American history, government, math and writing. It is a great all-in-one solution that many students will appreciate throughout their schooling.



    10. ACT/SAT Prep Software Review
    SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum

    If you are going to study, study right. ACT/SAT prep software products like SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum are excellent education tools to prepare you for your big test. The application gives you an opportunity to review the many categories that will be covered on your test. It includes practice quizzes and full tests. SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum is the best application available in this area both for information and ease of use. You will have no trouble making your time useful because the application has a well-designed interface that is simple to navigate and allows you to find your area of interest quickly so you can begin your study. As one of the top 10 best learning tools, we recommend ACT/SAT prep software to help you take the next step towards a better future and better test scores.




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